4th Triathlon Sprint qualifying City of Lignano "Renzo Ardito Memorial"

Part of "FVG Tricup" and "Adriatic Tricup" circuits
Saturday April 27th


08.00 am race day registration for the triathletes and race packet pick up in the parking lot of Lungomare Lignano Pineta. Race packet will include your race number, bike number, swim cap and timing chip.

Race to start at 10:30 am on the beach.




08.45 am transition opens for bike drop off and set up
09.45 am transition area closes
09.50 am race briefing to be held at the Tenda Bar area
10.30 am first swim wave (swim starts in waves)
12.30 pm women’s’ race ends


12.30 pm transition opens for bike drop off and set up.
13.30 pm transition area closes
13.35 pm race briefing to be held at the Tenda Bar area.
2.25 pm first swim wave (swim starts in waves)
4.15 pm men's race end

4.30 pm Pasta Party (Tenda Bar)
5.30 pm Men's and women's races awards


In order to get the quality stamp "TRIATHLON ROSA" women's competitions will take place separately form the one of the men.Both men and women will start from the beach nearby the board walk on the water.
After the swim the bike fraction will start. Women will start from a half-moon shaped the transition area by swim course exit nearby Piazzale Marcello d’ Olivo. Men will start from the transition area on Piazzale Marcello D'Olivo. The bike course is 19.7km long and it will feature two out and back 9.85km sections.
Bike race will finish at the transition are. The run will start from the transition area and it will be a total of 5km. Two 2.5km out and back run on a flat course
Finish line is by the "TENDA bar" on Lungomare Pineta.

  • The swimming course will be marked by high visibility buoys. If you are experiencing problems at any point of the swim stop and wave your arms. Water rescue personnel are there to monitor and eventually provide aid.
  • During the bike and run race the roads will be closed to traffic. Volunteers will ensure safety and manage the aid stations. For safety reason an official motorcycle will be at the head and one at the tail of the bike race. Run course will be well marked.
  • First Aid and medical personnel will be on site.
  • On the course of the 5km run water will be provided at the 2.5 km mark.
  • Favorable race rates will be applied to triathletes at the President Hotel, Lignano Riviera and with tourist resort Bella Italia, Lignano Sabbiadoro.



SWIM - 750 meters


BIKE - 19.5km. Three out and back 6.5km sections


RUN - 5km Two out and an back runs of 2.5km







All Elite, Master, Senior, Under 23, Junior, Youth and Youth athletes’ categories will be able to participate with a sports association affiliated to FiTRI(Federazione Italiana Triathlon) the Italian Triathlon Federation.. The registered race participants enrolled with a sports association affiliated with FiTRi will not be required to show a sports/triathlon medical certificate as long said certificate is not expired. If the sports/triathlon medical certificate has expired the athlete will not be allowed to participate to the race. The registration fee will not be refunded. If an athlete is not registered with FiTRI they will be allowed to sign up for the race by paying on top of the regular registration fee an extra charge. Nevertheless the athlete must have a valid sports/triathlon medical certificate.



Registration opens at 8:00am Friday February 8th. Please for payment via BANK wire , PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD use the same form you will find on the web site.


  • € 30.00 from February 1st to 19th
  • € 40.00 from February 20th to April 14th
  • € 45.00 from April 15th to 21st

SENIOR 1/UNDER 23 € 25.00
JUNIOR € 15.00
YOUTH € 8.00



On the day of the race the athletes nonmembers FiTRI will be allowed to sign up. At signing they must show a valid original sports/triathlon medical certificate. (A copy can also be made but the original must be shown). The sports/triathlon medical certificate must be in compliance with FiTRI rules to practicing the sport of Triathlon. Otherwise as per FiTRI rule the athlete will not be admitted to the race. The Day pass will be refunded. The registration fee will not be refunded.

Day Membership/Pass

  • € 20.00 Master, Senior and Under 23 categories (original sport/triathlon medical certificate must be shown).
  • € 5.00 Junior categories Youth A and B (original sport/triathlon medical certificate must be shown) and Very Young (non-competitive original sport/triathlon medical certificate must be shown).

Foreign athletes members of their national sports organization belonging in their country to a National Triathlon Federation are allowed to participate to the race. Foreign athletes not registered with any sports organization are allowed to register by paying the registration fee and the surcharge for of € 20.00 for the FiTRI Day Pass. They must show an original sport/triathlon medical certificate issued by an Italian physician.


In the event of acts of nature and other unforeseen causes, registration fee will not be refunded.



Race time will be done by MySDAM Official Timer by using a “chip” with technology based on the use of "time chip” You will find the chip in your race packet.



The race is covered by the organizer’s’ insurance policy in force with FiTRi.



Outside of what is regulated in this event FiTRi technical regulation applies. ASD TRIATHLON LIGNANO SABBIADORO declines all responsibility for itself and its employees, for accidents or damage to persons or property, which may occur before, during and after the event or as a result of the same. All competitors must follow the road safety regulation set forth the Italian “CODICE DELLA STRADA”. By signing the registration form, you declare that you are in possession of a regular sport/triathlon medical certificate to be in the race:

  1. to have read the regulation and to fully accept them;
  2. to have be qualified as per the race requirements;
  3. to be aware and to know about the race and to be in appropriate psychophysical conditions to participation;
  4. to follow the rules and directions of the Race Director and the organization staff;
  5. to allow the use of their data by the parties involved in organizing the event in compliance with the d. lgs 196/03;
  6. to allow the use of photographs, filmed images, recordings, arising from its participation in the event for any legitimate purpose, including advertising;
  7. to renounce any liability or recourse against the organizing company, its partners or suppliers, the personnel assigned to the organization and sponsors for any reason whatsoever, deriving from its participation in the event and its side events.



  • Bank Transfer: IBAN IT 19 S 07085 63910 011210037933 (CREDIFRIULI)
  • Credit card



  • The first 5 absolute men will be awarded prizes in cash and in-kind
  • The first 5 absolute women will be awarded prizes in cash and in-kind
  • The first 3 of the category will be awarded prizes in kind



The athletes who want to stay during the period of the event in Lignano Sabbiadoro can take advantage of the 15% discount form the regular rate offered by the tourist facility "BELLA ITALIA".

To book please go to

  2. Choose the dates of your stay
  3. Enter the discount code "Enter your promotional code here" by filling out the empty space. You will receive the promo code via e-mail once you have registered and paid for the race


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